Paulding Light

The mystery of the Paulding Light has a different effect on everyone. Some think it is simply the headlights from a passing car. That explanation would be fine except “the light” was seen before automobiles were around.

Seismologists say a few earthquakes left some small cracks in the ground that let out radioactive gases. That is an interesting explanation, but unprovable.

Other scientists say it is only swamp gases. But what about when the swamps are frozen and covered with a Yooper dose of snow? The light can be seen in the winter months. The concept of aliens may seem farfetched, but so are all the other possibilities to explain the Paulding Light.

It’s no surprise that the story that stuck involved a ghost. Is the light caused by a decapitated railroad watchman’s lantern? Or is it the mail carrier who was killed while crossing the swamp in the 1870s? Could it be an angry Native American chief upset about the power lines?

Headlights, ghosts, UFOs, swamp gases, or radioactive gases—the possibilities are endless. Everyone has a different idea. Visit the Paulding Mystery Light in Ontonagon County, and come to your own conclusion!

The Mystery Light can be seen nightly from Robbins Pond Road, located between Watersmeet and Paulding, just off US Highway 45.