Member Information

The Ontonagon County Chamber of Commerce brings working partnerships together in an effort of sharing resources to assist in the future growth for the County and area businesses. Strong marketing of Ontonagon County continues to bring more visitors to the area and has encouraged new families and businesses to consider this county in their plans for the future. Many are choosing Ontonagon County as a fulfilling choice to live, work, & play.

The Ontonagon County Chamber of Commerce works endlessly both behind the scenes and as a community leader to provide a variety of opportunities for our members to connect with local residents and visitors through many of the activities within our communities.

The Ontonagon County Chamber of Commerce also refers such visitors to our members while marketing their groups, organizations, and businesses, to assist in their future growth and success for economic and workforce development in Ontonagon County.

It is the mission of the Ontonagon County Chamber of Commerce to not only stimulate such growth and success, but to also sustain it for future generations who will occupy the communities within this beautiful land we call “Ontonagon”.

Why Become a Member?

Below are some benefits of membership

Direct Business Referrals to visitors, phone, or internet inquiries

Business Directory listing on the Chamber of Commerce website

Chamber sponsored ribbon-cutting ceremony for milestone events

Display of your business brochures in the Visitor Information Center

Direct mailing of your business brochures thru Visitor Information Packets

Link your Business website to the Chamber of Commerce website

Access to additional advertising opportunities on the Chamber of Commerce website

Promotion of your business on the Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

Access to other discounted advertising packages thru radio & other media outlets

Opportunity to sponsor annual Chamber of Commerce events at discounted pricing

Access to Accident Fund Insurance discounted Worker’s Compensation

Opportunity for involvement in Chamber of Commerce committees

Receive updates on legislative & public policies affecting U.P. business

Chamber staff advocating on your behalf for local, state, & federal business issues

Receive updates on upcoming local, state, & federal grant or funding opportunities

Access to multiple networking opportunities