Veterans Memorial

The Ontonagon County Veterans Memorial is on the front lawn of the Rockland activity center (old school) in Rockland, Michigan. Its construction was sponsored by the American Legion Milton G. Preiss Post 92 of Rockland.

The Memorial is dedicated to those veterans from Ontonagon County who paid the supreme sacrifice defending our great country but is also a tribute to all veterans from Ontonagon County, past, present and future.

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The Memorial is approximately 20 by 32 feet, with the monument 8 feet wide and 7 feet high.

Walls: The walls are three feet high with two walkways entering the Memorial. Unlike most Memorials where you walk up to a monument and read a plaque, at this Memorial you are inside the walls. It is like you are on hallowed ground. There is a certain sanctity to it.

Fountain: The fountain adds tranquility—there is something about trickling water.

Evergreen: The corners have some evergreen shrubs. The evergreen represents everlasting life, that we will not forget our fallen and departed comrades.

Benches: There are four benches inside the walls. This allows some easy solitude if someone desires to just sit and ponder.

Lights: There is lighting to provide for safety and security.

Flags: There are three flags. The American flag, the state of Michigan flag, and the POW/MIA flag.

Monument: It has the recessed section for the plaque. The black granite plaque has a light above it and is etched with the names of those from Ontonagon County who paid the supreme sacrifice for our country.

Inquiries can be mailed to:
Ontonagon County Veterans Memorial
P.O. Box 342
Rockland, MI 49960

Please support and thank the sponsors who generously donated toward the construction of the memorial.

Gold Sponsors

Pestka Construction and Northern Land and Sales
“Pestka Construction has been active in the county supporting various causes for many years. We are proud to be gold sponsors of the Ontonagon County Veterans Memorial. We think this Memorial will be a enduring monument to the veterans who helped make this country the great country it is.”

Upper Peninsula Power Company
“UPPCO heard about the Memorial when it was in the planning stages—we made the decision to contribute before we were even contacted. Nearly everyone has a friend or family member who served in the armed forces, but I think we sometimes lose sight of how much we owe them. This Memorial will be a reminder.”

White Pine Copper Refinery, Inc.
“We feel it is important to recognize our past and present veterans at White Pine Copper Refinery.”

Big Valley Ford
“Big Valley Ford was happy to become a gold sponsor for the Memorial. It is long overdue. We think this Memorial will be a shining gem for Ontonagon County, a tribute to the men and women from Ontonagon County who serve their country, past, present, and future.”

Northland Electric
Steve Morrow of Northland Electric, who agreed to donate the electrical portion of the Memorial, said Northland Electric was donating for the veterans. “We are just doing it for the veterans.”

Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation’s Ontonagon Mill
“We’re happy to assist with such a worthwhile project,” said Midge Axley, Executive Secretary, Ontonagon Mill.

Xcel Energy

State Bank of Ewen

Citizens State Bank of Ontonagon

Cane Funeral Home

Ontonagon Memorial Hospital

Jim Seeling

Moyle Construction

Silver Sponsors

Domitrovich Realty/Dick Wagner Agency
Ewen Building Supply, Inc.
Settlers Co-operative
Leaf Enterprises, Inc
Penegor Lumber Co.
Horizon Home Health Care
Jon J. Tomasi
Lake Superior Credit Union
Computer Mechanix

Bronze Sponsors

Tulppo’s Restaurant & Motel
Ontonagon County Telephone Company
Tom and Connie Borseth
Midway Telephone Company
Shilman Plumbing & Heating
Frank J. Stipech
In memory of Vernon W. Omen
In memory of Walter Borseth
R&B Lodge
Koski Log Homes
Kay and Huck Freimuth
Flower Garden
Gordon R. Wiitane

Names of Veterans

Iraqi Freedom

Nicholas Cherava


Kenneth Somero, Greenland
William Lundberg, Ontonagon
Ernest Skinner, Ontonago
William Dellvon, Ontonagon
John Ekstadt, Bruce Crossing
Quentin Binder, Bruce Crossing
Glen Beck, Ontonagon
Gerry Garrick, Trout Creek
William Pierpont, White Pine

Korean War

Norman Kaminga, Ontonagon
James Weisinger, Ontonagon
John Porter, Trout Creek

World War II

Lowell Valley, Ontonagon
Donald Oley, Silver City
George Koski, Ewen
William Darcy, Silver City
Charles Selby, Ontonagon
Leslie Skurr, Ontonagon
Oliver Waisanen, Ontonagon
Donald Reid, Ontonagon
Julian Schuster, Ontonagon
Earl Khoury, Bergland
Elmer Mongeau, Ontonagon
Arnold Kettunen, Ontonagon
Henry Karjalainen, Wainola
Richard Halme, Ontonagon
David Casey, Ontonagon
Edward Trombley, Trout Creek
Kenneth Hyland
Earl Windnagle, Merriweather
Walter Brown, Ontonagon
John Jakovac, White Pine
John Juknis, Ontonagon
Arthur Greeno, Ewen
Francis Hedrick, Rockland
Eli Kangas, Ontonagon
William Sipola, Misery Bay
Eugene Ockerby, Ontonagon
Evert Buccanero, Ontonagon
Robert Johnson, Ontonagon
Veikko Koski, Greenland
John Muljo, Woodspur
Wallace Seid, Rockland
Clarence Picotte, Ontonagon
Victor Poikonen, Mass City
Norman Thompson, Ontonagon
Conro Botkins, Matchwood
John Moseler, Ontonagon
Warren Noble
Arne Sillanpaa, Paynesville
Franklin Wallow, Ontonagon
Walfred Mattson, Ewen
Walter Pulkas, Trout Creek
Clarence Crabb, Ewen
William Randell
Joseph Cameron, Trout Creek
Henry Holappa, Bruce Crossing
Thomas Heikkala, Trout Creek
Claus Meyer, Ontonagon
Eugene De Vowe, Bergland
Walter Schroeder, Matchwood
Niilo Wirkkala, Greenland
Carl Keranen, Mass City
Nick Cencich, White Pine
Sidney Ambroson, Bergland
Laverne Irvine, Ontonagon
Milton Hubert, Bergland
Milo Snowden
John Seid, Rockland
Zigmund Derochowski, Ontonagon
Paul Fors, Ewen

World War I

Louis Derosier, Bergland
Frank Wolfe, Lake Gogebic
Harry Eva, Greenland
Rex Barto, Merriweather
John Sakkinen, Paynesville
John Adams, Ontonagon
George Smith, Ontonagon
John Carlson
Fred Messner, Mass City
George Linna, Paynesville
Alex Daniels, Bruce Crossing
William Matson, Rockland
Abraham Anderson, Ewen
Rush Davis, Rockland
Carl Solomonson, Mass City
Napoleon Beaucage, Ontonagon
Martin Halloran, Ontonagon
Edward LeMoine, Ontonagon
Roy Brown, Ontonagon
Elmer Johnson, Bruce Crossing
Axel Haggquist, Ontonagon
Nels Johnson, Bergland
John Arenz, Ontonagon
Milton Preiss, Rockland
Monroe Catterson, Trout Creek
William McClue, Ontonagon
William James, Rockland
James Berryman, Greenland
Henry Crawford, Ontonagon